Zantrene effective in a mouse model of extramedullary AML

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Race Oncology (ASX:RAC) has shared the interim results from the extramedullary acute myeloid leukaemia (EMD AML) preclinical program led by cancer researcher, Associate Professor Nikki Verrills of The University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute.

The company said the research found that low dose Zantrene in combination with decitabine can kill AML tumours in a mouse model of extramedullary AML.

"Race is rapidly advancing Zantrene into the clinic as a possible new treatment option for patients with EMD AML," said the company.

Chief scientific officer Dr Daniel Tillett said, “The results from Prof Verrills laboratory are highly supportive of our upcoming EMD AML Phase 1/2 trial for Zantrene. This work further builds on the 2020 Phase 2 trial of Prof Arnon Nagler, who identified Zantrene as showing encouraging efficacy in EMD AML. The optimised drug combination and schedule identified in this preclinical mouse study will be rapidly translated to the clinic via our EMD AML trial.”

CEO Phillip Lynch added, “These results provide support for our well advanced EMD AML clinical trial and provides important guidance for the study’s design and treatment protocol.”