UniSuper invests with Uniseed, Australia’s longest-running early-stage commercialisation fund

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UniSuper, the $106 billion fund now open to all Australians, has announced it has secured an investment relationship with Australia’s longest-established early-stage commercialisation fund manager - Uniseed.

Uniseed was established in 2000 and is now owned by the Universities of Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney, New South Wales and the CSIRO. It provides seed funding for early-stage research and technology developed by its five partners.

UniSuper’s chief investment officer John Pearce said Uniseed was a natural fit and logical choice for the fund.

“UniSuper has always championed Australia’s thinkers, creators and investigators. Uniseed is at the forefront of new start-ups and technologies,” said Mr Pearce.

“This is an excellent opportunity for UniSuper to actively participate in the development and commercialisation of research and technology that will shape the future. We look forward to seeing this investment blossom and grow over time.”

UniSuper has committed $75 million into Uniseed that will cover existing projects as well as new developments across industries of the future, such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, quantum computing and green energy.

Uniseed CEO Peter Devine said UniSuper’s investment will unlock more engagement with Australia’s growing innovation and start-up sector. “

UniSuper is one of Australia’s largest and most respected and innovative super funds, and the capital at its disposal will go a long way to ensuring we can seize opportunities presented by the brilliant minds at Australia’s top research organisations,” said Dr Devine.

“This is a further step Uniseed is taking to facilitate commercialisation of Australian research. Today’s emergent start-ups are tomorrow’s tech and health giants, and with funding from UniSuper we are able to get in at the very early stages of these journeys.”