Trajan teams up with UniQuest

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Trajan Scientific and Medical has announced a partnership with UniQuest, the commercialisation company of The University of Queensland, to develop and commercialise devices for microsampling human tissue.

The new technique, discovered at The University of Queensland, reflects the development of targeted molecular therapies that have created a need for minimally invasive biopsy devices enabling smaller, and more frequent sampling of skin and tissue.

According to the company, unlike conventional skin biopsy punches, the microbiopsy devices have been designed to eliminate or minimise the use of anesthesia, and to take only minutes to perform sampling by non-healthcare providers enabling their adoption remote from centralized healthcare locations.

"In tests, the procedure using these microbiopsy devices has not required sutures, and complete, scar-free healing has been observed in less than 7 days," it said in a statement.

The partnership will see Trajan further develop and commercialise the microbiopsy devices.

Stephen Tomisich, CEO of Trajan, said, “The development and commercialisation of analytical microsampling tools is core to Trajan’s strategy to enable remote and personal health measurements. We are also in the process of bringing our hemaPEN product to market to enable remote analytical blood microsampling, and this partnership with UniQuest is the next step in allowing remote tissue sampling. We intend to build Trajan’s portfolio of microsampling tools further over the coming years in ways that see science benefit people.”

The device was invented at The University of Queensland by researchers associated with the Faculty of Medicine’s Dermatology Research Centre - Professor Peter Soyer, Professor Tarl Prow and Alex Ansaldo.