Trajan acquires German-based manufacturing company

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Analytical science and device company Trajan (ASX:TRJ) has acquired the operations and properties of German company Axel Semrau for a total of €17 million.

Trajan said it is funding its current acquisition activities through a combination of cash and debt.

Axel Semrau employs just over 50 staff in Europe and develops and manufactures laboratory automation and chromatography software and detection systems. 

Trajan CEO and managing director Stephen Tomisich said, “We welcome the Axel Semrau team to the Trajan group. Trajan’s automation business and Axel Semrau have worked in close cooperation for several years and so we enter this new stage with a working relationship already well established.

"Axel Semrau owns and develops the CHRONOS intelligent sequencing software platform upon which Trajan’s automated workflows are built. We intend to further invest in CHRONOS in line with Trajan’s goal to simplify and automate complex analytical workflows.

“Further, Axel Semrau’s automation business is highly synergistic with our own; both in terms of application areas and geographical coverage. Axel Semrau’s presence in chromatography and portable/on line gas detection also align with Trajan’s general direction.”

Trajan said the two managing directors at Axel Semrau, Frank Sasse and Andreas Bruchmann and all other employees will continue in their current roles.

Dr Bruchmann added, “We welcome the opportunity to become part of the Trajan team. We have known Trajan for some time and find that our goals and values are aligned. We also see the intention of ongoing investment to drive growth in our business and capabilities.”