Shipment of additional adult flu vaccines commences

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Seqirus has announced that the manufacture of an additional 500,000 doses of adult influenza vaccine, Afluria Quad (inactivated quadrivalent influenza vaccine, split virion) for the National Immunisation Program is ahead of schedule.

The company said the first of the vaccines will be released this week.

Seqirus said it was asked to go back into production by the government due to an increase in demand for vaccine on the back of a severe influenza season last year. At this same time, Seqirus also made the decision to manufacture 200,000 extra doses for the private market.

“Our team has been working around the clock, seven days a week to produce an additional 700,000 doses for Australia and we are pleased to share that the first of the doses are now on their way to clinics around the country,” said Dr Lorna Meldrum, vice president commercial operations.

The company said supply from the Parkville site in Melbourne will continue to be released over the coming weeks.

“From the point of leaving Seqirus the delivery to clinics can take a number of days. We encourage patients to phone their clinic or pharmacy ahead of time to ensure the vaccines have arrived and are available,” said Dr Meldrum.