RECELL trial data presented in the US

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AVITA Medical (ASX:AVH) has announced results from a clinical trial demonstrating the effectiveness and clinical benefits of the RECELL Autologous Cell Harvesting Device in the treatment of deep partial-thickness (second-degree) burns were presented in the Top-Five Abstract plenary session of the American Burn Association (ABA) 50th Annual Meeting in Chicago.

According to the company, in the randomised, controlled clinical trial, burn sites treated with the RECELL Device required 97.5 percent less donor skin than burn sites treated with the standard of care, resulting in a statistically significant reduction in patient-reported pain, increased patient satisfaction and improved donor scar outcomes.

The results were presented by Dr William Hickerson of the Firefighter Burn Center and University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

“The RECELL Device requires significantly less skin for definitive closure of deep partial-thickness burns without any compromise to healing or safety outcome,” said Dr Hickerson. “These results are an important advancement in the treatment of burns. As a result of the significant reduction in donor skin with the RECELL Device, the trial results showed increased donor-site healing, reduced pain and increased patient satisfaction.”

The RECELL Device is designed to enable medical professionals to produce, at the point-of-care, a Regenerative Epidermal Suspension using a small sample of the patient’s own skin.

The autologous suspension contains cells necessary to regenerate epidermis and provides a new way to achieve permanent closure in burns and other wounds while reducing the amount of skin harvested at the time of surgery.

Reduction in donor-site skin requirements has important benefits from both clinical and health economic perspectives, said the company. 

It said a health economic model was also presented at the ABA meeting. It showed treatment with the RECELL Device was found to reduce total treatment costs compared to the standard of care.

A third presentation provided a review of clinical outcomes obtained in the treatment of patients with extensive burn injuries with the RECELL Device under the Compassionate Use Investigational Device program.

"Patients in this study were severely injured with burns ranging from 43 percent to 95 percent of their total body surface areas (TBSA), and the RECELL Device was successfully added to each patient’s treatment to achieve definitive wound closures," said the company.