Recce Pharmaceuticals announces planned grant of 'Patent Family 4' for anti-infectives

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Recce Pharmaceuticals (ASX:RCE) has announced that the Australian Patent Office has issued notification of intent to grant the first of its new 'Patent Family 4' for its anti-infectives 'Process for Preparation of Biologically Active Copolymer'.

The expiry is 2041 with claims related to anti-infectives RECCE 327 (R327) and RECCE 529 (R529).

The claims specifically related to the process for preparation of RECCE anti-infectives, the use of R327 and R529 for the treatment of disease, particularly in the treatment of bacterial and viral infections, and administration by oral, inhalation, transdermal delivery or by injection.

Recce Pharmaceuticals CEO James Graham said, “With now over 40 patents around the world, validation of Recce’s New Class of Anti-infectives marketing/manufacturing monopolies to at least January 2041 are again welcomed as an addition to its intellectual property portfolio globally.”