Proteomics signs deal for distribution of PromarkerD in Italy

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Proteomics International Laboratories (ASX:PIQ) has announced it has signed a distribution licensing agreement for the immunoassay version of the PromarkerD predictive test for diabetic kidney disease.

The agreement with medical distributor Medical Horizons SRL will see the blood test made available to patients in Italy.

Proteomics International managing director Dr Richard Lipscombe said the partnership marked the first distribution licensing deal for the immunoassay version of the PromarkerD test, PromarkerD (IA).

“Previously we focused on the more sophisticated mass spectrometry test, but the release of this easy-to-use, higher throughput immunoassay platform opens up many more market opportunities,” he said.

“The availability of the CE Marked PromarkerD immunoassay kit allows new licensing models for this ground-breaking test. We can enter into more traditional distribution agreements with proven companies like Medical Horizons.”

The immunoassay (ELISA) technology allows hundreds of blood samples to be analysed quickly as part of a panel of routine blood tests.

The distribution agreement with Medical Horizons is for two years, exclusive to Italy, and exclusive to PromarkerD (IA). Proteomics International will receive payment for each kit sold.

Currently, one-in-three people with diabetes develop chronic kidney disease and PromarkerD is the only test available in the European Union for predicting the onset of the condition.

Medical Horizons CEO Guido Osto said bringing PromarkerD to patients in Italy will support clinical decision-making. “With this technology used as an annual test, doctors will be able to identify at-risk patients for early intervention,” he said. “It will help minimise the effects of diabetic kidney disease, and potentially save the healthcare system billions of Euros.”

Medical Horizons will now complete registration of PromarkerD with the Italian Ministry of Health (one month).