PolyNovo stars in new, global BBC biotech series


Australian regenerative medicine company PolyNovo stars in a new, global BBC biotech series as one of just 27 companies chosen worldwide, and the only Australian company. The video is an important indication of Australia’s position in the strong international biotech community.

This riveting new six-minute vignette series demonstrates how biotechnology is bringing solutions to global challenges and making a real impact along the way. It uncovers stories of innovation that are changing the world every day by harnessing the power of nature and highlights some of the most pioneering and innovative organisations in our sector.

The PolyNovo story follows John, an international winemaking consultant that was left with burns to 75 per cent of his skin after a serious accident; it shows how dermal regeneration supported the rebuilding of his damaged skin tissue and his life.

Launched at BIO Digital 2021, the ‘Nature’s Building Blocks’ series traverses health, industrial and agri-biotech applications.

This web series aims to challenge viewers’ perceptions and bring more understanding to biotech. Biotech plays a central role in solving complex problems and improving the health of humankind and the planet. This series seeks to effectively communicate the industry’s contributions and bring the solutions to screen through a series of short videos.

The new biotech series has been produced by BBC StoryWorks in partnership with the International Council of Biotechnology Associations (ICBA), of which AusBiotech is a member. AusBiotech increases opportunities for members to offer their views and case studies, illustrating industry achievements and issues.

ICBA is a coalition of not-for-profit, national biotechnology trade associations formed to promote public understanding of, and to advocate for, public policies that support the growth of the innovative biotechnology industries. ICBA represents the global voice of the industry in international fora, with the goal of promoting continued innovation in the human health, agriculture, and industrial and environmental sectors.

PolyNovo was chosen after a worldwide call for submissions and is part of a global communications programme being developed through ICBA. Selected organisations, including PolyNovo, contributed to the production costs of their mini-documentary.

Watch PolyNovo’s video ‘Rebuilding skin tissue and liveshere.