PharmAust updates on trial in pet dogs with lymphoma

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PharmAust (ASX:PAA), a clinical-stage oncology company, has updated on an interim analysis of its phase 2b trial on the monepantel (MPL) blood plasma levels required to suppress B cell lymphoma growth in pet dogs.

The company said it is now in a "good position" to further optimise treatment levels of MPL to facilitate a phase three study. 

PharmAust chief scientific officer Dr Richard Mollard said, “As per the previous high-dose trial using monepantel tablets, a range of drug blood plasma levels was again observed in this lower dose trial, but this time all within a narrower spread.

"Examination of the blood plasma data in the context of the previous trial, while referencing side effects and efficacy, has reinforced our understanding of a target therapeutic window for monepantel’s use in dogs with B cell lymphoma. The Phase IIb trial will continue to increase recruitment numbers to gain sufficient information for a future Phase III registration trial.”

Chairman Dr Roger Aston added, “This represents a material advance in optimising the treatment regimen for canine patients with B-Cell lymphoma and may have applicability to other anticancer treatments in companion animals and in humans.

"Cancer therapy is all about optimising efficacy and minimising adverse events and this is particularly important with aggressive late-stage cancers such a Stage 4/5 B-Cell lymphoma. Following a Phase III trial PharmAust will also examine how monepantel can be integrated into the current standard of care.”