PharmAust announces monepantel reformulation

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PharmAust (ASX:PAA) says it has successfully reformulated monepantel into a tablet form suitable for canine clinical trials.

The company said the trials are expected to commence in late 2018. The reformulation has been done in collaboration with BRI Pharmaceutical Research.

PharmAust said it has shown that the new dry tablet-based formulation, which uses micronised monepantel, successfully meets its requirements for palatability and dosing in order to undertake a clinical trial in dogs.

It said it will now scale production of the tablets using GMP-grade monepantel sourced directly from Elanco, a leading global animal health company. Elanco has previously registered and marketed the same product in animals for an alternative indication.

PharmAust said it will initiate a pharmacokinetic study directed at refining and optimising the use of the new formulation in canines in later this year, before moving onto phase 2 clinical trials. 

According to PharmAust executive director, Dr Roger Aston, “We are pleased the BRI collaboration has identified a new tablet-based formulation that clears the path for us to re-initiate clinical trials in late 2018. These efforts will focus initially in dogs before moving into human clinical trials.”