Orthocell secures another US patent for CelGro

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Australian regenerative medicine company Orthocell (ASX:OCC) has been granted a new US method of use patent for its CelGro product.

The company said the patent, which is entitled 'Method for Producing a Collagen Membrane and Uses Thereof' and expires in June 2033, provides additional important intellectual property (IP) to protect the CelGro platform for soft tissue regeneration and repair applications.

According to managing director Paul Anderson, “This is an important patent that further protects and strengthens our IP position for CelGro providing greater layers of protection.

"This patent also complements the recent market approval of the first CelGro product, Striate+ for dental bone and soft tissue repair procedures approved in the US, EU and Australia.”

The company said it has secured 11 patent families covering its portfolio of regenerative medicine products, comprising 110 separate patents and applications, of which 75 are granted.

CelGro is a customisable collagen medical device manufactured by the company at its facility in Western Australia.

Orthocell said it believes CelGro has numerous competitive advantages over existing synthetic and biologic tissue repair devices, particularly in the areas of cell biocompatibility, tensile strength and the promotion of high-quality tissue repair.

"Use of CelGro has shown to result in high quality outcomes in the repair of bone defects in the jaw, assist in the re-joining of severed or damaged peripheral nerves and augment repair of the rotator cuff tendon within the shoulder," said the company

"Striate+ is the first product from the CelGro platform technology to gain US, EU and AUS approval."