Orthocell confirms new Japanese patent for CelGro

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Regenerative medicine company Orthocell (ASX:OCC) has announced a Japanese patent for CelGro collagen rope.

The company said the patent, entitled 'Collagen Construct and Method for Producing the Collagen Construct', provides additional important intellectual property to protect the platform for soft tissue regeneration and repair applications and expires in 2039.

It covers CelGro collagen rope for ACL reconstruction and forms a solid foundation for further international patent approvals.

According to managing director Paul Anderson, “We are extremely excited by the potential of this technology. An off-the-shelf biological device that augments ACL reconstruction is highly desired by the orthopaedic industry and Orthocell is ideally placed to deliver a superior product in this rapidly growing and lucrative market.”

The company, which manufactures CelGro at its facility in Western Australia, said the treatment represents a breakthrough in soft tissue reconstruction and has been shown to improve tissue ingrowth and repair in clinical studies to guide superior bone regeneration within the jaw, augment repair of the rotator cuff tendon within the shoulder, and accelerate the re-joining of severed, or damaged peripheral nerves.