Opyl's Opin secures patient recruitment contract for US-based Lumen Bioscience

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Opyl (ASX:OPL) has announced that its wholly-owned patient recruitment brand Opin has signed a new contract with Medtryx, the local contractor for the leading US-based biotechnology research group Lumen Bioscience.

Medtryx is an Australian specialist clinical research organisation that supports the delivery of clinical trials and medical research programs across Asia Pacific. It has been involved in the executive oversight and clinical delivery of over 49 fully decentralised, direct-to-patient clinical trials since 2018.

Opyl said the total contract value is $282,000 and spans 15 months, comprising a 3-month set-up stage and a subsequent 12-month recruitment process.

Opyl CEO Saurabh Jain said, “We are excited to have signed our contract with Medtryx and to be supporting Lumen. Both Medtryx and Lumen are strong partners for Opin, and we look forward to working with them over the coming months. This win shows the focus on revenue growth over the recent period which has also resulted in a healthy increase in our sales pipeline. I’d like the thank the Opin team for their outstanding work."