New four-year PBAC term for AusBiotech board member

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A new four-year term for the industry nominated member of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee.

The Department of Health confirmed Michelle Burke's new four-year term ahead of the expiry of her current term.

The current AusBiotech board member and former Bristol-Myers Squibb senior market access executive was appointed as the first industry nominated committee member in 2017.

Former health minister Sussan Ley announced a number of changes to the PBAC that included the potential appointment of an industry nominated member in 2015.

Under the National Health Act 1953, the minister can accept nominations from industry groups - Medicines Australia, AusBiotech and the Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association - but decline to make an appointment.

The industry nominated member does not represent it on the PBAC - it is to act as a PBAC member in accordance with the legislated requirements.