Medtech featured in April’s Australasian Biotechnology journal


Australia’s dynamic medtech sector is taking centre stage in the May edition of Australasian Biotechnology, AusBiotech’s official journal, in anticipation of the upcoming AusMedtech 2021 conference.

The global medtech industry presents significant opportunities for Australian companies to expand into new markets, and highlights of this edition of the journal offer insights into reimagining the future of medtech beyond our borders.

Providing a platform for education, the journal strengthens and grows industry knowledge of Australian capabilities and enablers through commentary from a diverse range of authors. This edition’s themes include cutting-edge discussions at AusMedtech 2021; global medtech opportunities; intellectual property: positioning with purpose, and how timing is everything when mastering the protection and commercialisation.

AusBiotech is also celebrating 35 years of providing advocacy and national representation for Australian biotechnology. The journal toasts the successes of the industry today, how far the dial has shifted since the organisation was first incorporated, and the strong leaders upon whose shoulders we stand. AusBiotech and Johnson and Johnson Industry Leadership Awards 2020 winners are profiled, demonstrating the life sciences leaders who are championing the sector and the Australian community through the worst pandemic and the greatest collaboration seen in the industry.

The April journal also contains regular features, including the AusBiotech Chair and CEO Report, and AusBioStock – an exclusive report from James Fletcher, Evans & Partners. The journal welcomes new AusBiotech members, and holds a list of AusBiotech corporate members. AusBiotech members that are located in Australia and have opted in will shortly receive a print copy of the journal in the mail.

In-depth commentary on the Australian and global medical technology sector will continue at AusMedtech 2021, being held 17 - 21 May, live online and on-demand. AusBiotech thanks the support of its Host State Partner, Victoria Government. Registrations remain open.

The next edition of Australasian Biotechnology will be released in October. Please contact Karen Parr, Director, Communications at AusBiotech if you are interested in contributing, or to find out about advertising opportunities.

Australasian Biotechnology is published bi-annually in partnership with Executive Media.

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