Medlab secures licence to sell cannabis products

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Medlab Clinical (ASX:MDC) has received licence from the Victorian government to sell or supply its cannabis products in Australia. 

The company said its Australian manufactured cannabis based medicine, NanaBis, is expected to be available in late February.  

NanaBis is currently in production at Pharmaceuticals Packaging Professionals in Melbourne. Medlab will be selling under the TGA’s Special Access Scheme to patients with specific needs.

According to CEO, Sean Hall, continued support from the medical community, the various states and federal government for cannabis-based medicine was pleasing. 

“We are seeking to make our medicines distinctive, giving medical practitioners, Government and industry stakeholders such as the Australian Medical Association (AMA) confidence in prescribing our products. This Licence to Sell, combined with the recently renewed import licence (allowing for significant increases in the amounts of cannabis allowed to be imported) gives Medlab a significant advantage in being able to assist the medical community in treating advanced cancer pain,” he said.