Last call for abstracts for international research conference on mechanics in medicine and biolo


The International Conference on Mechanics in Medicine and Biology (ICMMB) scientific program committee has made its final call for abstracts, inviting submissions by Friday 17 February 2017.

This year AusMedtech 2017 & ICMMB 2017 will be co-presented in Melbourne, 24 - 25 May.

Abstracts that present mechanics, medicine, biology and its related fields are expected to be hot topics at the conference, which is to be presented by AusBiotech. The eight categories available for abstract submission include:

  • Advances in medical devices – design and optimisation;
  • Advances in stem cell therapies;
  • Biomechanics and computer modelling/simulation;
  • Bioprinting and biofabrication;
  • Electrospinning;
  • Medical, rehabilitation robotics and assistive devices;
  • Neuroscience and neuro-engineering; and
  • Tissue engineering and biomaterials.

Delegates selected to present their abstract as an oral presentation in the ICMMB program will receive discounted entry to the conference, saving $120 on the standard registration rate.

Successful authors will also receive the unique opportunity to share their research with key stakeholders of the Australian and international life sciences sector representing biomaterials, medical devices, assistive technologies for an ageing population, tissue engineering, 3D printing and the mechanics of future medicine.

Successful applicants will be notified by Friday 10 March 2017 and registration to AusMedtech 2017 & ICMMB 2017 must be completed by Friday 24 March 2017. Contact the Events Team to find out more. Submit your abstract or register today.

Program highlight: how a surgical researcher broke the skin barrier

Many medical devices, such as intravenous lines, catheters, and robotics, need to pass through skin. All are plagued by infection at the interface with skin. In particular, robotic developments are held back by problems at the skin interface.

Dr Gil Stynes has pioneered technology that gets skin to attach to skin-penetrating devices, reducing the risk of infection and opening the possibility of long-term implantation.

Dr Stynes will speak in the Emerging Technologies session on the first day of AusMedtech 2017 & ICMMB 2017. View the program or read more about Dr Stynes’ research.