Large molecule facility doubles size of leading bioanalytical laboratory

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Agilex Biolabs has launched its new laboratory for the analysis of large molecule therapeutics, more than doubling the geographic area of its Adelaide campus.

The company said the addition expands the service capabilities of Australia’s most technologically advanced bioanalytical partner.

State-of-the-art instrument platforms and increased capacity support drug sponsors as they expand into large molecule therapeutics.

Areas of medicine such as oncology are seeing new ways of approaching treatment due to innovative modalities like antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and allogeneic cell therapies. Gene therapies and vaccines created using genetic platforms such as RNA, miRNA, and siRNA need specialised tools and technology to measure critical safety and efficacy endpoints in human clinical trials.

The new Agilex large molecule facility features bioanalytical techniques and equipment specifically designed for these fast-growing therapeutic areas, such as digital droplet quantitative RT-PCR analysis and an EliSPOT/FluoroSPOT multi-spot reader for high-sensitivity molecule detection.

Already staffed with over 150 scientists and support personnel, the comprehensive bioanalytical service headquarters will soon reach 200 welcoming experts from all over the world to its ranks.

“The world’s most talented, driven scientists are drawn to research facilities that foster scientific advancement and cutting-edge technology—many of those people will now be coming to Adelaide,” said Agilex Biolabs CEO, Jason Valentine.

“Committed investment and our local community’s support for this new centre of scientific excellence will elevate South Australia’s reputation for spurring innovation and harbouring success.”