Janssen extends collaboration with Melbourne-based research institute

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Janssen has announced an extension to its research and licensing collaboration with the Melbourne-based St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research (SVI).

The collaboration, which is focused on Alzheimer’s disease, has the objective of developing and potentially commercialising small molecule modulators of microglial function and inflammation.

The collaboration was facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

Janssen has exercised its option in the original 2017 agreement. It will be responsible for all future development of small molecule modulators of microglial function and inflammation targeting Alzheimer’s disease severity.

Under the agreement, SVI will be eligible to receive development milestone payments as well as royalties, in addition to the option exercise fee.

According to SVI’s lead researcher, Professor Michael Parker, “Much of our knowledge of disease has come from an improved understanding of the structure and function of proteins. This gives us the best possibility of designing new drugs and treatment strategies for Alzheimer’s Disease.”

“We’re encouraged by the drug discovery data achieved in this collaboration with Janssen and hope this research may extend the promise of future therapies for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.”

“I am pleased that the research collaboration undertaken during the past few years between SVI and Janssen has been such a success. As project partners, it is very satisfying to see that the research outcomes have given them the confidence to take the research program further,” said Professor Tom Kay, SVI director.