Immutep partner EOC Pharma advances 'Efti' in Breast Cancer

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Australian company Immutep (ASX:IMM) has announced it has worked with its partner EOC Pharma to review study results and they have confirmed plans to continue advancing Efti (designated as EOC202 in China) in metastatic breast cancer.

Immutep said the announcement follows EOC Pharma’s analysis of the recently reported Progression-Free Survival (PFS) data, including subgroup analysis, from its phase 2b AIPAC study.

EOC Pharma is an oncology-focused specialty pharmaceutical company headquartered in Shanghai. It has the exclusive licensee from Immutep for Efti in the Chinese market.

Under its agreement, EOC Pharma will make further milestone payments to Immutep if Efti achieves specific development milestones as well as undisclosed royalties on sales. It is also required to fund the Chinese development of Efti.

According to EOC Pharma CEO, Xiaoming Zou, “Our analysis of the overall and subgroup data suggests there is a definite opportunity to progress efti for Chinese patients with metastatic breast cancer. The data allows us to more specifically address certain meaningful patient populations and maximize the chance of a benefit for those patient groups. We also look forward to entering a new phase of collaboration with our partner Immutep.”

Immutep CEO, Marc Voig, said, “We are very pleased about the discussions with EOC Pharma and their perspectives on efti in metastatic breast cancer and we look forward to further developing our collaboration with them.”

EOC Pharma has also confirmed it will continue to advance its ongoing phase 1 EOC202A1101 study of EFTI in metastatic breast cancer in China.