Help us identify your workforce skill gaps


Companies are being asked to identify the current, emerging, and future skills shortages the life sciences sector is facing in order to address the gaps and drive greater sector growth across Australia.

Industry-specific skills and experience, and talent attraction and retention continues to be a significant issue for industry and a newly developed survey works to identify where the gaps are. Managers with hiring responsibilities and HR professionals are being invited to complete the 10-15 minute survey.

Success requires diversity: we need a range of professionals with different skills, experience and training. This survey relates to skills required for roles found in biotech, medtech, pharma, and digital health sectors, and aligns with similar global surveys.

A cross-industry project team has developed the survey, including AusBiotech, MTPConnect,  Medicines Australia, MTAA, and ANDHealth.

Highly skilled and globally-connected talent is at the heart of Australian innovation and success in our medtech, pharma, biotech and digital health sectors. People are the underlying foundation of success and by addressing the current and emerging gaps in our workforce we can plan for the future growth of our sector so that Australia remains a world-leading location for health innovation.

Identifying the skill gaps, now and into the future, will enable the sector to advocate for pathways to address them, and ultimately to continue to strengthen and grow the industry. 

Questions or comments on the survey can be emailed to Karen Parr, Communications Director.

Stakeholders may receive more than one invitation to the same survey; it only needs to be completed once by each hiring manager. The survey closes on 1 July 2020.

Complete the survey here.