Greens go hard against TPP

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The Greens recently appointed spokesperson for trade, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, has set a 'dramatic' tone for the portfolio, describing the 12-country Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement as a "disastrous" deal that will drive up the cost of cancer drugs.

“This deal will drive the cost of cancer drugs through the roof and make Australian taxpayers vulnerable to being sued by foreign companies,” said Senator Hanson-Young.

She did not explain the basis for the claim in relation to cancer drugs. The TPP does not include anything that would clearly "drive the cost of cancer drugs through the roof". Wording in relation to data protection for biologics lacks clarity but it is difficult to see how it would impact the price of cancer or any other medicines.

According to Senator Hanson-Young, "Malcolm Turnbull should stop begging like a dog at the dinner table of the United States and instead stand up for regular Australians by opposing the TPP.

“This dirty deal actually has very little to do with trade. It is a corporate takeover of our democracy designed to set rules and regulations between member countries that suit the rich and powerful."

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has used his current trip to the US, to attend the UN general assembly, to urge US lawmakers to back congressional passage of the TPP before November's presidential election.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s bizarre appeal to the US just goes to show that he is only thinking about his friends in the big end of town and forgetting regular Australians that need a leg up.

“The Greens have moved to scrutinise the TPP with a full Senate Inquiry. We also need to have an independent, transparent cost benefit analysis of deals like the TPP as well as a complete rethink on the secretive and archaic Australian treaty making process,” concluded Senator Hanson-Young.