Gordon Brothers Ritchie Bros. Alliance facilitates auction of Ellume assets

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The liquidators of Ellume in Australia have appointed Gordon Brothers Ritchie Bros. Alliance to oversee the sale and auction of the company's diagnostic test kit production facility, cutting-edge R&D Laboratory Equipment, and inventory assets.

The company said this presents a unique opportunity for organisations to acquire top-tier equipment from a reputable manufacturer at a significant cost saving.

Ellume's Australian manufacturing operation located in Brisbane is renowned for its contributions to diagnostic technology and manufacturing.

Under instructions from the liquidators, John Park and Joanne Dunn of FTI Consulting, the auction will feature a range of items, including general laboratory equipment, specialised flow wrappers, lateral flow equipment, automation machinery, and packaging solutions. Over 500 lots set to be offered, making it one of the largest domestic sales in the sector.

The online auction is scheduled to conclude on 12 September 12. Early offers will be considered for major assets.

Interested parties are encouraged to explore the comprehensive list of available items. This auction not only marks a unique chance for industry players to enhance their capabilities but also contributes to the broader academic and research community by offering access to cutting-edge equipment.

View auction items here.