Genetic Technologies says new publication highlights benefits of GeneType test

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Genetic Technologies (ASX:GTG) has announced the publication of a new research paper in the peer-reviewed journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment.

The company is developing genomics-based tests in health, wellness and serious disease.

The paper reports the results from a study undertaken by the GTG Scientific Team in collaboration with eminent researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of Melbourne.

The study compared geneType’s simple breast cancer risk assessment against a complex model with more risk factors and two commonly used clinical models.

The paper says the study found that GeneType outperformed both models by a significant margin and had equivalent performance to the Rosner model without the need to collect a substantially larger number of risk factors.

The paper used data from the Nurses’ Health Study, which included 121,700 female registered nurses aged 30 to 55.

The paper also noted a significant improvement in performance when compared with commonly used clinical risk models for breast cancer. The study also showed that geneType’s simple risk prediction model showed similar performance to a robust, but more complex model (Rosner).

GTG CEO Simon Morriss said, “The publication of this data is a critical step to support our reimbursement strategy. The building list of supportive clinical data along with our budget impact model shows U.S. payers and insurers that the introduction of the easy to implement geneType risk assessment test for breast cancer enables doctors to have increased visibility of at-risk women. The result being early detection in women and a reduction in the cost of expensive health care."