Experienced researcher and US executive for Arovella Therapeutics' board

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Arovella Therapeutics (ASX:ALA) has announced the appointment of Dr Elizabeth Stoner as a non-executive director.

Arovella is focused on developing its invariant Natural Killer T (iNKT) cell platform and oral spray delivery technology to treat cancer and conditions that affect the central nervous system.

Dr Stoner is based in Boston and has over 30 years of experience in the life-sciences sector, spanning early-stage research, drug development and venture investing.

She is currently an executive partner at US-based healthcare investment firm MPM Capital. Dr Stoner serves as a clinical advisor to several of MPM Capital’s portfolio companies, including AlloVir and Rhythm Pharmaceuticals.

Dr Stoner served as the interim CEO of the cell therapy biotechnology company, Semma Therapeutics, which was acquired by Vertex in 2019 for US$950 million.

Prior to joining MPM Capital, Dr Stoner was senior Vice president of global clinical development operations at MSD Research Laboratories, where she was responsible for its clinical development activities in more than 40 countries.

While at MSD, she also oversaw the clinical development activities of its Japanese subsidiary and played a leading in a joint-venture that involved the development of major cholesterol-lowering medications.

Dr Stoner currently serves on the board of Triplett Therapeutics. She is also a member of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Board of Governors and the Weill Cornell Medical College Clinical and Translational Science Center External Advisory Board.

Arovella CEO and Managing director Dr Michael Baker said, “Liz is one of the rare individuals in the industry whose career spans the continuum of drug development, from leading early-stage research through to the commercialisation of final products. This is an exciting time in Arovella’s evolution, and we could not be happier that Liz will play an important role in our journey.”