EpiAxis Therapeutics nominates epiresatide as 'flagship candidate'

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EpiAxis Therapeutics (EpiAxis) has nominated epiresatide as its flagship candidate for investigational new drug advancement.

Epiresatide is a generation 2.1 stapled peptide specifically targeting nuclear LSD1, which offers a novel mode of action.

Designed to address the challenge of treatment resistance and prevention of cancer recurrence in numerous haematological and solid tumours, EpiAxis said epiresatide had demonstrated superior biological performance in modulating LSD1 demethylase activities, coupled with a positive pre-clinical safety and tolerability profile.

EpiAxis CEO Dr Jeremy Chrisp said the company plans to move forward with the clinical development of epiresatide.

"This is a pivotal valuation inflection point for shareholders and provides momentum for EpiAxis’ fundraising and partnering activities," said Dr Chrisp.

"Currently, EpiAxis is actively seeking collaborations and investment opportunities to accelerate the development and commercialisation of epiresatide, cementing its position at the forefront of the biotechnology industry."