Epi-Minder appoints new chief operating officer

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Epi-Minder, a company developing the Minder ambulatory electroencephalography (EEG) monitoring device to support the clinical management of epilepsy and seizure-related conditions, has announced the appointment of Dr John Heasman as chief operating officer. 

Minder is a minimally-invasive device for long-term monitoring of brain seizures to provide patients and their doctors with detailed data on seizure activity and frequency over an extended period. Patients can wear the device during normal daily activities.

Long-term monitoring is expected to lead to better treatment including determining the efficacy of drug therapies and providing greater independence for those living with epilepsy. 

Dr Heasman previously worked in engineering and technology leadership roles at Cochlear for nearly 18 years. Over the past two years, as the Epi-Minder Program Manager, Dr Heasman was responsible for executing the Epi-Minder business plan. 

According to CEO Dr Rohan Hoare, “John has been an integral part of the success at Epi-Minder and brings a wealth of experience in developing medical devices.  I am pleased to announce his appointment as Chief Operating Officer and look forward to working with him as we prepare for multi-centre clinical trials across the US and Australia to support FDA registration and CE Marking.”

Dr Heasman said, “I look forward to working with Rohan and the board to advance the promise of MinderTM to make a substantial improvement to the quality of life for people living with epilepsy.”