CSL’s Plasma Protein Purification Challenge opens


CSL Behring and Cicada Innovations’ new Plasma Protein Purification Challenge seeks to tackle some of the biggest challenges in plasma protein production and to save and improve lives.

As the world’s biggest plasma producer, CSL Behring is looking for innovative new ideas and ways to help meet the growing global demand for plasma-derived Human Immunoglobulin G (IgG). IgG is an antibody that contributes to the body’s immune response.

CSL stated, “There is a global shortage of plasma-derived IgG, leaving many patients unable to access essential treatments. The demand for life-saving IgG therapies continues to grow rapidly in parallel to our global population, making its production a matter of life or death for many.”

Two cash prizes are available, with first-place being awarded AUD$40,000 and the runner up being awarded $15,000; both winners will receive mentorship from CSL Behring and Cicada Innovations and a direct pathway to one of the world’s leading global biotech companies.

The global challenge is open to entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers and academics. The ambitious and innovative ideas sought will be assessed by a panel of judges on:

  • Innovation - impact and uniqueness of solution;
  • Technical feasibility - conceptually and technically sound;
  • Commercial feasibility - scalable and cost-efficient; and,
  • Team - credibility and capabilities.

Applications close 25 May 2021. Apply here.