Creso Pharma appoints cannabis executive to lead US business development


Creso Pharma (ASX:CPH) has announced the appointment of John Griese as the director of US business development and welcomed changes that will legalise, tax and regulate recreational cannabis in the state of New York. 

Mr Griese brings nearly three decades of executive-level experience in sales, consumer package goods and supply chain management expertise to Creso Pharma.

He has undertaken roles with large multinational companies including Nestle and Pepsico and also has considerable experience in the cannabis sector through previous roles with Creso Pharma, Blooms Farms and his most recent position as chief operating officer (COO) at Supreme Cannabis Company.

As COO of Supreme Cannabis Company, Mr Griese was responsible for product development, commercialisation initiatives, procurement, manufacturing operations and supply chain management.

"He was instrumental in aligning cost structure with revenue, assuring compliance standards for new products and assisted in optimising the group’s four facilities and 650 employees to reach full capacity," said Creso in a statement, adding, "During his time as COO at Bloom Farms, a branded cannabis manufacturer and distributor in California, Mr Griese scaled operations and implemented a number of processes necessary to meet the requirements for the regulated adult use marketplace in California."

Mr Griese previously served as the COO of Creso's US business. As the director of US Business Development, the company said Mr Griese will pursue revenue-generating and value accretive opportunities in the North American market to further establish its footprint ahead of the potential legalisation of recreational cannabis.

The company said Mr Griese will initially focus on New York given the state's decision to legalise, tax and regulate recreational cannabis, as well as Vermont.

The company added, "Having Mr Griese commence supply, sale, distribution and partnership agreements now, pending federal legalisation provides the Company with an opportunity to be a first-mover in this large market, and will provide a significant competitive advantage over its peers."