COVID-19: Novotech and Medidata partner to accelerate research

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Medidata has confirmed an ongoing collaboration with leading contract research organisation Novotech in the fight against COVID-19.

Medidata is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes.

The companies said Novotech has secured three new studies into COVID-19 leveraging Medidata's Rave EDC and RAVE RTSM technology. The technology is designed to shorten the start-up time in proceeding with the new studies.

They said they are committed to navigating the complex landscape to ensure clinical trials are progressing efficiently, reducing the overall trial timeline and improving the patient experience.

"In the fight against COVID-19, it is critical that we drive innovation and technology in the search for a vaccine. Data is a key component in research. It is essential that technology and data work to run efficient trials and smarter drug development," said Edwin Ng, senior vice president and general manager of sales, APeJ, Medidata.

"Medidata and Novotech have worked closely together in the context of COVID-19 to streamline processes from months to weeks. Working with leading technologies, we can focus on enhancing the quality of clinical data and the patient experience," added Mr Ng.

"Working on the frontline of research development for COVID-19, we are excited to continue our partnership with Medidata to support our quality clinical research across the region," said Andries Claassen, director of biometrics at Novotech.

"Novotech is well-positioned to drive research efforts across the Asia-Pacific region for COVID-19. Working with Medidata and the latest technology, we can deliver integrated clinical trial services in this extraordinary time," added Mr Claassen.