Clinuvel updates on CUV151 study in DNA damaged skin

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Clinuvel (ASX:CUV) has announced that the first disease-free subjects have received afamelanotide as part of the CUV151 mechanistic study to evaluate the impact of the drug on DNA damaged skin.

The company said it commenced its DNA Repair Program in 2020 by evaluating afamelanotide in patients with xeroderma pigmentosum (XP).

It said the reduction of DNA damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) and solar exposure is relevant for both patients and individuals who are at high risk of contracting skin cancer.

“Data from CUV151 will give us insights into afamelanotide’s ability to safely protect skin from light, and restore DNA which has incurred damage from solar exposure,” said Clinuvel vice president of scientific affairs Dr Tim Zhou.

“The findings of this study assist us to address much broader audiences using our expertise in melanocortins and other technologies.

“Up to two billion individuals worldwide have deficient DNA repair mechanisms of the skin. Our DNA Repair Program focuses on understanding and quantifying the role of afamelanotide as an interventional therapy to help those individuals who are at greatest risk.”