Canadian company completes shipment to Medlab

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Aphria says it has completed its largest international shipment of cannabis oil to date to Australian Medlab (ASX:MDC).

The shipment was part of the previously announced agreement between the two companies under which Aphria produces and supplies high-yield cannabis extracts for Medlab to be used in a human trial to test the management of intractable pain in oncology patients – the first trial of its kind globally. 

Aphria has provided a high-CBD cannabis oil and a high-THC cannabis oil. Both were designed specifically for Medlab. The products will be combined with Medlab’s medicine delivery system, NanoCelle.

Medlab’s clinical trial is designed to provide an effective and efficacious pain therapy, targeted to advanced cancer pain, that rivals standard opioid use. The product formulation, manufacturing, and final product validation have met the TGO93 standard set by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and permits have been approved by Health Canada.

“Aphria is proud to support Medlab’s important and vital clinical research on the use of medical cannabis as an alternative treatment for pain management,” said Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld. “Medlab was our very first international partner, and as Aphria expands its operations around the globe, we will continue support the advancement of medical cannabis research through these valuable partnerships.” 

According to Dr Sean Hall, CEO at Medlab, “Trial design, implementation and management is critical to developing a new, accepted drug – the work we are undertaking is to expand the medical toolkit especially with regards to current usage of opioids in patients with intractable pain. Trial work is progressing with recruitment underway, further patients accessing the trial product (NanaBis) under the Australian Special Access Scheme (SAS) is providing early, exciting and promising results.”