Call for good news prosthesis stories to build support


Australian medical device and biotech companies developing prosthetic technologies and products are called upon to share their progress after the Federal Department of Health requested a quarterly briefing document, through the Prostheses List Advisory Committee (PLAC).

AusBiotech nominee to the PLAC, Dr Greg Roger, said: “This is a great opportunity to make the government aware of the great work being done in this sector and the importance of the sector to the health system and the Australian economy.”

Dr Roger notes that it is possible the briefing may be circulated more widely than just the Department of Health, and “this may be to the benefit of us all”.

The items for inclusion should be described in one paragraph, with a single photo if desired. Web links may be included and would be helpful for those wishing to explore further, and companies may consider creating a dedicated web page for that link, that could include the health economics of the innovation, the applicable market segment and some discussion of export potential.

Please also categorise the items under ‘Lab’ (still on the benchtop), ‘Animal’ (working prototype and testing underway) and ‘Human’ (Clinical trial ready or underway or clinical evidence collected and regulatory submission underway).

Feel free to contact Dr Greg Roger <> for further information, advice or editing of entries so that we can produce a really exceptional document each quarter.