BridgeTech Symposium up-skilling our medtech workforce

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A cohort of entrepreneurs, scientists and those working in medtech are meeting this week in Melbourne, before AusMedtech 2019, for an accelerated three-day workshop delivering medtech commercialisation skills and business acumen. The symposium will be attended by over 80 participants from across Australia, and is supported by AusBiotech as a consortium partner of the BridgeTech Programme.

Medtech is a growing sector of high-value jobs, and skills and talent attraction will become a significant need for its future. The BridgeTech Programme is one positive step in addressing this gap by upskilling our workforce, particularly in medical technology (devices and diagnostics), and enabling Australia to more effectively capitalise on its world-class medical research sector.

The Programme is unique as it has been crafted and developed in collaboration with industry partners and with leaders in key global organisations in the medical-biotechnology sector. Using industry-led medtech and venture capital expertise, the programme empowers speakers and participants to share specific, detailed and practical translation know-how. Those involved in the BridgeTech Programme will gain confidence and create networks and opportunities in all areas of the commercialisation pathway.

BridgeTech was launched in April 2018, and involves online and face-to-face training in the scientific, legal, financial, clinical, regulatory and reimbursement disciplines that contribute to research translation and the commercialisation of medical technology. The programme is convened and administered by Queensland University of Technology, and funded through MTPConnect.