BioDiem: LAIV flu vaccine approved in China

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Australian vaccine development company BioDiem (ASX:BDM) has announced the approval of Changchun BCHT Biotechnology Co’s LAIV vaccine in China by the Chinese National Medical Products Administration, formerly known as the Chinese FDA.

The China-based company holds an exclusive licence from BioDiem for the influenza technology based on the live attenuated influenza virus (LAIV) vaccine technology. The licence covers the private sector market in China for pandemic and seasonal influenza vaccines made using an egg-based production method. 

BCHT holds a complementary licence to the LAIV for the public market in China via a sublicence from the World Health Organisation. BioDiem said that, in addition to annual milestone fees, it will receive royalties from the sale of BCHT’s influenza vaccine product in the China private sector market.

BCHT is based in the Changchun High Tech Zone. It was established in 2004 and now employs more than 900 people.

The vaccine is given as a nasal spray rather than an injection. 

According to BioDiem CEO Julie Phillips, “The introduction of a needle-free influenza vaccine into the enormous China market is a great step forward for immunizing the Chinese population against the ‘flu especially children. BCHT has applied significant resources to the development of their vaccine including building a state-of-the art manufacturing facility. We are delighted with this news and the prospects for BCHT’s LAIV vaccine in China”.  

BCHT’s President Dr Wei Kong, said, “We believe our needle free flu vaccine will be particularly competitive in China where the vaccination levels are growing as is the appreciation of the benefit of protective benefit of immunization against ‘flu. Our company, BCHT, has met the highest standards of development and manufacture through our dedication to this product and our belief in its potential especially in China. ”