Australia’s Cell and Gene Catalyst moves ahead


Australia’s Cell and Gene Catalyst will move ahead, establishing its inaugural Steering Group and opening recruitment, formally signalling the important next step in advancing cell and gene accessibility in Australia.

The Steering Group to lead the Cell and Gene Catalyst (the Catalyst) is comprised of AusBiotech, Medicines Australia, CSL Behring, Novartis, Pfizer, Therapeutic Innovation Australia and Cell Therapies. The Catalyst will bring to life the Regenerative Medicines in Australia: A Strategic Roadmap for the Regenerative Medicines Sector through leadership, advice and support, as the Catalyst seeks to create an end-to-end world-class value chain that can discover, develop, manufacture, and distribute cell and gene therapies to Australian patients, while creating jobs, commercialising research, and exporting Australian therapies to the world. 

Leveraging the Regenerative Medicines Consortium Project’s exceptional foundation work throughout 2020-2021 that has cemented and benchmarked Australia’s place on the global RM map, the Catalyst, a joint venture between national peak industry bodies AusBiotech and Medicines Australia, will advance regenerative medicines policy, mobilise resources, build community engagement, establish shared measurement practices and support aligned activities.  

To drive and deliver on the Catalyst’s national strategy, a General Manager is now being recruited for a two-year period.

The Catalyst is also being supported by the Victorian Government’s Australian Medtech Manufacturing Centre (AMMC) to help examine manufacturing barriers and explore new opportunities for growth to unlock the potential for cell and gene manufacturing in Australia.

A new role will be established for a dedicated ‘Project Manager, Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing’ to develop a ‘blueprint’ report to build on the work published in Australia’s Regenerative Medicines Manufacturing Capacity and Capability, to determine what is needed to manufacture more cell and gene products locally, and develop specific recommendations and a strategy document addressing: workforce skills development, attraction and retention; strengthened collaboration across the value chain; opportunities for secure long-term investment; and positioning Australian manufacturing capability in global markets. 

This role will work in harmony with the Catalyst and its General Manager, which will drive the broader Strategic Roadmap.

AusBiotech CEO Lorraine Chiroiu said, “Australia offers a wealth of opportunity in cell and gene therapies, and the formation of the Cell and Gene Catalyst’s Steering Group is a powerful step towards realising our national potential. The leadership and commitment demonstrated by this group is notable, and denotes the significant impact these treatments may have for Australia and Australians.”