AusMedtech to launch ‘Directory of Known China Advisors’


Companies and organisations providing advisory services on engaging in China will be the feature of a new directory providing assistance to Australian medical technology companies.

Based on feedback from Australian medtech companies, who remain interested in engaging in China and seek a go-to online resource, AusBiotech’s AusMedtech will launch the ‘Directory of Known China Advisors’ to assist Australian companies.

The Directory will be housed on the website that holds the ‘Directory of Australian Medtech Companies’ ( It will include information and contacts details on at least 40 organisations and companies that can assist Australian companies in China or have specialist capacity on advising on China from within Australia, such as:

  • Associations, chambers of commerce and industry organisations;
  • Austrade contacts;
  • Intellectual property advisors;
  • Investment and strategic advisors and consultants;
  • Regulatory advisors;
  • Business and tax consultants.

Online access to this resource will enable Australian medtech companies to have supported access when they need it.

Expressions of interest in appearing in the Directory are sought from advisory companies and organisations known to AusBiotech (see details below).

The Directory is the final part of a larger project “Australian Medical Devices to Asia” project that seeks to facilitate medical devices and diagnostics trade and partnership with China by breaking down the information barriers for Australian companies. The project is supported with funding from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission as part of the Asian Business Engagement (ABE) Plan*.

The project has seen the development of key resources:

  • The ‘Guide for Australian Medical technology companies seeking to engage in China’ (the China Guide). The Guide can be found here(pdf) or printed copies can be requested from

The China Guide provides information about IP management, information on business structures, the business, cultural and regulatory context and other information that a medical technology company may consider when developing their business plan for China. The China Guide does not intend to take the place of professional advice, but it is intended as a starting point for Australian companies interested in China.

  • The China business planning workshops: AusBiotech conducted workshops in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to assist Australian companies to develop their business plans for China. More than 30 medtech companies attended the workshops to consider and commence development of business plans to work in China.
  • The ‘AusBiotech Directory of Australian medtech companies’ was developed to support small to medium-sized Australian medical devices and diagnostics companies that are seeking to engage with and in China.

Fifty Australian medtech companies opted to appear in the Directory, which was developed in Simplified Chinese and English by AusBiotech as part of its industry development work to support Australian medical device and diagnostics companies and promote them in China to potential partners and investors. View the directory website.

Expressions of interest in appearing on the Directory or enquires can be directed to AusBiotech’s Chief Industry Affairs Officer, Lorraine Chiroiu ( or 03 9828 1400).

*The views expressed herein are not necessarily the view of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the Commonwealth does not accept responsibility for any information or advice contained herein.