AusBiotech welcomes new Chief Scientist


AusBiotech welcomes and congratulates Dr Cathy Foley, as Australia’s newly-appointed  Chief Scientist.

Currently CSIRO’s Chief Scientist, Dr Foley has championed emerging and future areas of science research and capability within CSIRO, been an inspiring advocate for science and STEM careers, and has led the development of a Quantum Technology Roadmap for Australia.

Lorraine Chiroiu, CEO, AusBiotech, said, “I am delighted to congratulate Dr Foley on her new role. CSIRO and AusBiotech have a strong relationship, and I look forward to continuing to working closely with Dr Foley in her new role too.

“Life sciences in Australia is globally competitive; together, we can continue sharing its strengths internationally, and to advance translational locally to ensure it realises its nationally-important economic potential.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison highlighted the importance of the role. “Dr Foley has a big task ahead to drive collaboration between industry and the science and research community, as we look to create jobs for the COVID-19 recovery and for the future,” he said.

Dr Foley will take the role following Dr Alan Finkel’s five-year tenure. Dr Foley is the second woman to be named Australia’s Chief Scientist, after Professor Penny Sackett, who held the role from 2008-2011. Dr Foley’s three-year appointment begins in January 2021.