AusBiotech joins industry groups for PBS meeting

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Representatives of AusBiotech joined other industry organisations on Monday in meeting with PBAC Chair Professor Andrew Wilson and Department of Health officials to discuss changes to the guidelines used to consider medicines for reimbursement via the PBS.

Industry groups have expressed concern over the impact of a proposed wording change that would mandate PBAC use the lowest cost comparator in assessing new medicines. The current guidelines allow for more flexibility in the choice of comparator.

Industry believes adopting the change would make it significantly more difficult for new medicines to successfully navigate the PBS reimbursement process.

The industry groups have come away from yesterday's meeting optimistic about the potential for a positive outcome on the issue.

While final agreement was not reached on revised wording, the groups remain optimistic agreement on new wording reflecting industry concerns will be agreed in the coming days.

The groups described the meeting as "collaborative and constructive", praising the approaches adopted by Professor Wilson and officials.