AusBiotech calls for journal articles


AusBiotech is calling for member contributions for the October 2024 edition of the Australasian Biotechnology journal.

AusBiotech is welcoming abstracts from valued members on advancing Australian life sciences with themes including ‘omics and advanced therapies, capital attraction, and complex manufacturing, with articles sought on new approaches, contributions or analyses to include in the October 2024 edition of the Australasian Biotechnology journal.

The journal will also feature a sneak peek into Australia’s premier life sciences conference, AusBiotech 2024, where local and global thought leaders will unite through innovation to highlight the latest advancements, trends, and opportunities currently facing the life sciences sector locally and globally.

Australasian Biotechnology is AusBiotech’s official biannual journal, and published in October and April. Its contributions are written by the sector, for the sector. Contributions can range on topics including technology development, manufacturing, Australian strengths and successes on the world stage, and approaches to strengthening Australia’s end-to-end life sciences value chain.

With its informed and authoritative editorials, Australasian Biotechnology is a highly-effective communications vehicle for those wanting to reach stakeholders in the life sciences sector. The journal is mailed on a name-and-title basis to more than 3,000 AusBiotech members and investors, as well as published digitally. Readership includes companies, government and university departments, research institutes, biotechnology and professional services providers nationally, and in key overseas markets.

Abstracts should be 200 words, and can be sent to AusBiotech Communications by 26 July 2024.

If your abstract is accepted, the full article will be required on or before 15 August 2024.  Article lengths are approximately 500 words (1 page) or 1,000 words (2 pages). High resolution photos to accompany articles are encouraged.

Articles are an AusBiotech member-benefit, however there is limited space and so are not guaranteed to be included.

Abstracts are welcomed on research, business news, and sector trends for consideration at any time of the year.