AusBiotech announces the appointment of new chair

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AusBiotech has announced the appointment of Geoffrey Kempler as a non-executive director and its new chair.

Mr Kempler is a highly-experienced chair, company director and CEO in the global biotechnology industry. He succeeds Michelle Burke who recently retired from the AusBiotech board having completed a maximum nine-year term.

Mr Kempler said, “The Australian biotechnology sector is a vibrant and active community that continues to positively impact on global healthcare, having played a role in developing new diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and life science products.

“The global COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the power of healthcare innovation in its response, and the Australian biotechnology industry has been centre stage with its early work in mRNA, rapid diagnostic tests, and prophylactics.

“It’s an incredible opportunity and privilege to lead the next phase of AusBiotech’s maturation.”

Mr Kempler has previously held roles as chair and non-executive director of Opthea. He was a founder and leader of Alterity Therapeutics for nearly 20 years and remains the company's chair.

Mr Kempler also sits on the industry advisory board of the Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences.

AusBiotech’s CEO and managing director Lorraine Chiroiu said, “The calibre and generosity of the AusBiotech Board, past and present, is inspiring, and its effectiveness is the result of the acumen, drive and dedication of the individuals on the Board and within the organisation.

"AusBiotech is an active champion of our sector, and intimately understands the new opportunities ahead of us; I welcome and look forward to working with Geoffrey as we seize these: emerging from the pandemic we will begin implementing the new Biotechnology Blueprint decadal strategy and launch a refreshed AusBiotech strategy. The future is bright.”

Mr Kempler will chair a board that also includes Ms Chiroiu, deputy chair Dr Megan Baldwin, Serg Duchini, Dr Jan Tennent, Dr Dean Moss, Dr Serge Scrofani, Linda Peterson and Dr James Campbell.