Apply for the Advance Queensland - J&J Innovation Quick Fire Challenge

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Applications will soon close for the Advance Queensland Johnson & Johnson Innovation Quick Fire Challenge.

The new Quick Fire Challenge will award a top prize of $100,000 to three winners across the pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer health sectors, with access to mentorship ad coaching from J&J staff.

It was announced in early October as part of the Queensland Government’s $180 million Advance Queensland initiative to support greater innovation, develop a knowledge-based economy and provide jobs now and in the future.

They are looking for innovations across pharmaceuticals, medical device and consumer healthcare from anywhere in the world. The entrants must be committed to conducting the project and or research in Queensland, Australia.

Several innovations across the three sectors will be selected after the first round. Mentoring and coaching from J&J staff will be provided to the teams and they will present to a final panel in early 2016.

The finalists will be announced at the grand opening of Johnson & Johnson Innovation's Partnering Office at Queensland University of Technology in the first quarter of 2016.

More information about the awards and potential areas to explored is available at the Quick Fire Challenge website .

The deadline for applications, which can be submitted via the Advance Queensland website, is 30 November 2015.