Anteo signs new agreement with Lumos Diagnostics

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Anteo Diagnostics (ASX:ADO) has signed a collaboration agreement with California based Point-of-Care (POC) company Lumos Diagnostics.

Lumos is a spin out of medical technology firm Planet Innovation and a leader in lateral flow assay development and reader design.

Anteo said its life sciences division and Lumos will combine their expertise and technology in the development of high sensitivity, lateral flow tests for the detection of very low concentrations of clinically important biomarkers.

The company has previously collaborated with Lumos on a Medical Counter Measures project led by the Defense Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) and Planet Innovation.

"This successful project won a National Innovation Award at the 2018 International Land Forces Exposition for its development of a field-deployable, handheld diagnostic device," it said.

"This new project has the potential to strengthen the collaborative relationship between the two parties and provide additional opportunities to more deeply assess the performance advantages that AnteoBind can deliver in the commercial development of lateral flow assays.

"Specifically, this latest collaboration will focus on the development of a POC assay to detect a novel biomarker, at such a low concentration that it has not previously been able to be detected in a conventional POC Lateral Flow setting.

"A successful outcome will demonstrate not only the well-established and superior performance of Lumos’s assay design and reader technology, but also the major role AnteoBind plays in enhancing development of the materials required to build the latest generation of ultra-high sensitive Lateral Flow POC tests," added the company.

According to Lumos’ chief technology officer Sacha Dopheide, “We are pleased to have this opportunity to collaborate again with a familiar and trusted partner on this challenging lateral flow test development. We look forward to working with Anteo on this project.”

“Lumos Diagnostics is a world leader in lateral flow assay development, and this is a noteworthy collaboration on what is an important new customer project," said Anteo executive director Christopher Parker. 

"We look forward to showcasing the advantages AnteoBind can bring to the Lumos assay development process and to reporting on the progress of this exciting collaboration in the very near future."