ANDHealth partners with Chicago ARC to bring Australian digital health startups to the US

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Chicago ARC executive director Kate Merton and ANDHealth CEO and managing director Bronwyn Le Grice have announced a new partnership to connect Australian digital health companies to US market opportunities.

Chicago ARC partners represent over 750 healthcare delivery and training facilities across Chicago, Illinois and the midwest United States.

ANDHealth is Australia’s only organisation specialising in commercialising evidence-based digital health technologies, having supported over 700 high-growth-potential digital health companies nationwide since 2018.

The new agreement defines how Chicago ARC and ANDHealth will work together to accelerate and de-risk US market entry for Australian digital health startups. The partnership will also focus on exchanging best practices for implementing digital health solutions.

“Australian digital health startups and their investors look to the U.S. market as the penultimate global growth opportunity. The Chicago ARC, with its U.S. healthcare industry expertise and reach, provides the knowledge, access and networks required for Australian companies to succeed and make a real difference to patients,” said Ms Le Grice.

“This partnership represents a significant opportunity for Australian-based digital health startups that are investment-ready to capitalise upon opportunities in the lucrative U.S. market.

“Australian digital and connected health startups will have access to best-in-class collaborative learning and facilitated partner matching, which will provide both invaluable insights and a direct pathway into the US market."

ANDHealth joins a growing Chicago ARC partner network focused on health equity through innovation and collaboration.

“Working together to transform healthcare in equitable ways allows us all to go faster, and Australia is tackling the same challenges we are in the US,” added Kate Merton.

“Partnering with ANDHealth enables the Chicago ARC to tap into a pipeline of digital health startups across Australia to help improve access to affordable, quality care for those in the U.S. who need it the most.”