$1.25 million fellowships to foster Australian medical research excellence


CSL is welcoming applications for their two five-year $1.25 million fellowships. The Centenary Fellowships are for early-mid career medical researchers. The fellowships are high-value awards available to Australians who wish to continue a career in medical research in Australia.

Established in 2016, CSL’s centenary year, the fellowships pay tribute to the company’s origins by supporting Australia’s scientific community. The awards support Australian scientists to pursue world-class research, thereby fostering excellence within the Australian medical research sector.

Two competitively selected, five-year fellowships are awarded each calendar year to early-mid-career (4-10 years post doctoral) medical researchers. The total value of each award is $1.25 million, and provides for a full-time salary plus research costs and/or a post-doctoral research assistant.

The CSL Centenary Fellowships are overseen by a five-person selection committee, comprising both independent members and CSL representatives.

A 2019 CSL Centenary Fellow, Dr Connie Wong, was enabled to investigate why as many as one fifth of deaths following stroke are caused by pneumonia and other infections. Connie and her team have discovered that strokes not only damages the brain, but weakens the immune system and allows bacteria in the gut to escape and cause infection in other parts of the body. The fellowship supports further research into how the brain communicates with the immune system as well as researching new strategies to restore the gut barrier’s integrity following stroke.

Applications close 31 July, with outcomes notified on 30 September. Read more and apply here.