$10K People’s Choice awarded to LiVac


LiVac was awarded a $10,000 People’s Choice award from Medtronic at AusBiotech’s BiotechTalks webcast, after winning a pitching event as part of the Eureka Live programme.

To encourage emerging technologies, and continue building the Australian medtech pipeline, Medtronic generously donated a $10,000 prize in recognition of the best presenting team as voted by delegates of the BiotechTalks webcast.

Congratulations to LiVac, an innovative Australian medical device development company established in 2010. The LiVac device uses suction to create a vacuum and retract the liver in laparoscopic surgery therapies.

Eureka Live is the first event of its kind held in Australia by Medtronic. AusBiotech is proud to have partnered with the company, and the Medtech Actuator, as part of a commitment to collaborate with local innovators in the pursuit of improving community-wide health.

Congratulations also to the eight shortlisted projects: LiVac, AllVascular, Kesem Health, NeedleCalm, Allegra Orthopaedics, OYS, The Clinician, and ResApp.

The quality and breadth of talent that applied to the programme was evident with more than 60 applications from in-market or launch-ready companies. Furthermore, demonstrating the leadership of the Australian life sciences sector during the global COVID-19 pandemic, it was notable that several applicants had direct relevance to fighting the current pandemic, such as telehealth companies and respiratory monitoring technology.

AusBiotech is pleased to continue its partnership with Medtronic. This partnership is significant as AusBiotech continues strengthening its alliances with key stakeholders in the industry and connecting the pipeline of inventors who work in the sector. The partnership was also a fitting way to celebrate the vibrant Australian medtech sector that houses more than 380 companies and employs more than 35,000 people.

With current conditions dictating necessary travel restrictions, AusBiotech has pivoted to continue connecting industry during the road to recovery and beyond, launching BiotechTalks, AusBiotech’s virtual events platform. These online events are crucial for enabling continued access to expertise, education and partnerships, and will ultimately help to grow our sector.

Content created by the industry for the industry, BiotechTalks enables the Australian biotechnology industry to stay connected, present ideas, projects and updates and exchange knowledge from home office to home office.

AusMedtech week, reimagined, also featured a two-part medtech health economics and reimbursement workshop facilitated by Sarah Griffin, Director, Medtechnique Consulting, Chair, AusBiotech’s Health Economics Expert Panel and member, AusBiotech’s AusMedtech National Advisory Group. These Advisory Groups are dedicated to the growth and prosperity of Australia’s medtech industry and provide insights and advice on all aspects of the commercialisation journey.

AusBiotech also partnered with Biotechgate on a three-day global digital partnering event this week. Free for AusBiotech members, this was an opportunity to connect with more than 1,000 partners from across the 47 countries, and bridge the gap in business development needs.