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AusBiotech: March journal features digital health and AusMedtech

The latest edition of AusBiotech’s e-journal, Australasian Biotechnology (March 2015, Volume 24, Number 2), features the following:

  • Digital health, the new direction in medtech. Is it all about apps?
  • Preview of AusMedtech 2015.
  • Photo record: AusBiotech 2014 national conference.

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Feature 1: Digital health, the new direction in medtech

While digital health is simply described as ICT that assists in healthcare, this notion obscures the vast array of technology areas that come under this broad ‘umbrella’. It includes in its fold, assistive technologies, e-health, wearable technology, tele-health, mobile health and of course smart device applications (apps).

As our population ages, faces life style-related chronic diseases, becomes more tech savvy and the demand on healthcare budgets increases, digital health is offering solutions that are portable, interactive, price efficient, effective and, as anyone who got a Fitbit for Christmas will know, at times just plain fun.

By combining pervasive internet or Bluetooth-connected consumer products such as smartphones, tablets and televisions with miniature sensors to healthcare, we are witnessing a wave of new and practical options to improve our healthcare. This edition presents a group of stories about digital health.

Feature 2: Preview of AusMedtech 2015 

AusBiotech’s annual AusMedtech event is Australia’s premier medtech conference for developers, manufacturers and suppliers of medical technology, from emerging companies, engineers and clinicians to commercially-successful global companies involved in development of new medical devices and diagnostics. The AusMedtech 2015 program will target key commercial issues such as export opportunities, finance and investment, hot technologies and updates in the fields of IP, regulatory approvals, health economics and reimbursement and sales networks.

The event will include the inaugural Digital Health Public Forum and a Victorian Government Briefing Session. This edition features a number of the speakers presenting at AusMedtech 2015, including a market overview from Frost and Sullivan.

And more

The journal also has regular features, such as the AusBiotech Chair and CEO Report and AusBioSTOCK, an exclusive index of ASX-listed biotech and medtech companies from Baillieu Holst Stockbroking’s Joanna Hill.

The next edition will be published in July 2015, when themes will be:

  • Clinical trials: The frontier of new treatments, diagnostics and medical devices. How is Australia faring and are we globally competitive?
  • Industry progress and issues: Benchmarking and tracking data.
  • Ag and food biotech in the spotlight as the Agricultural Bioscience International Conference comes to Australia.

Hard copies of the journal are available to AusBiotech members by contacting the Editor, Lorraine Chiroiu (lchiroiu@ausbiotech.org, 03 9828 1400 / 0429 801 118).