Osteopore launches first first-in-human clinical trials begin in Singapore

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Australian-Singaporean regenerative medicine company Osteopore (ASX:OSX) has announced the commencement of first-in-human clinical trials for knee preservation in Singapore.

The company is developing 3D-printed biomimetic and bioresorbable implants. It said the first patient had been treated for knee preservation with Heparan Sulphate 3 (HS3) and aXOpore via a High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) at the National University Hospital (NUH), Singapore.

Osteopore recently signed two non-binding term sheets with Accelerate Technologies (A*STAR) to commercialise technology that accelerates bone and tissue regeneration.

A*STAR is Singapore’s leading public sector R&D agency.

The first-in-human study aims to recruit between 10 and 12 patients to investigate and establish a safety profile for the combination of HS3 and aXOpore. Following the surgery, the patients will participate in a post-operative rehabilitation
program up to the two-year mark, with bone union assessed at six and nine months.

"Should the inhuman clinical trial prove successful, it will result in supplementary studies to investigate the product’s efficacy to enhance osteosynthesis in HTO patients," said Osteopore.

CEO Dr Lim Yujing said, “Osteopore embraces an open innovation approach to converting interesting and impactful research technology. We are delighted to see the first-in-human clinical trial commence in Singapore with the first patient treated at NUH. We are looking forward to the outcomes of the in-human clinical trials and will keep the market updated on the latest developments, particularly at the mid-point of the study.”