WA launches inaugural Health and Medical Research Strategy


AusBiotech welcomes WA’s recently-launched Health and Medical Research Strategy 2023 - 2033, which recognises the importance that biotech delivers socially and economically to Australia.

The first state-wide strategy of its kind in WA, it aims to “enhance the State's research and commercial opportunities, support researchers and align WA's vibrant health and medical research sector to create new opportunities.”

The strategy identifies six priority areas including regional and remote health, Aboriginal health, precision medicine, digital health, consumer engagement and prevention.

AusBiotech is pleased to see that sustainable global research translation is a key target, achieved through “ongoing investment and promotion of research capabilities”, and that it recognises the importance of “facilitating the translation of research into economic growth, improved health and investment from international markets”.

It is also encouraged that precision medicine in WA has been recognised for “producing world-standard therapeutically-relevant health and medical research and therapeutics”, and that the strategy will support its ongoing development and growth.

Equally, digital health has been highlighted for the significant role it plays in providing solutions to provide effective, seamless healthcare.

WA has a growing life sciences sector, with the number of organisations more than doubling from 119 in 2017 to 244 in 2022, and the number of employees jumping from around 17,000 to nearly 24,000 over the same period.* It is therefore important that there are effective strategies in place to enhance and support local talent on the commercialisation pathway.

The Strategy builds on a number of related documents, including the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation, Department of Health’s Health and Medical Life Sciences Industry Strategy 2021. Learn more about the WA Health and Medical Research Strategy 2023-2033 here.

 *Reference: Ausbiotech Australian Biotechnology Sector Snapshot 2022